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Established in 2006, the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) is a public institution affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. KAMS operates comprehensive and systematic programs aimed at fostering the distribution of the arts, enhancing the competitiveness of arts organizations, and promoting the self-sufficiency of the Korean arts scene.
As an institution exclusively dedicated to arts management, KAMS creates future value for the arts industry by strengthening management frameworks to foster the sustainable growth of the arts sector. Additionally, KAMS aims to revitalize the performance and visual arts markets, while enhancing the competitiveness of arts organizations and startups.

  • 2006

    KAMS was founded and became the host of the Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) from its 2nd edition (11th ~ 14th Oct, 2006). The organization also launched the Support Program for Management of Professional Arts Companies.

  • 2007

    KAMS hosted the Satellite Conference of the IETM 2007 (9th ~ 14th Oct 2007) and initiated the Employment Support for Arts Managers. Additionally, KAMS started conducting an assessment program for subsidized festivals and arts events, and launched Center Stage Korea, a grant for the international export of Korean performing arts.

  • 2008

    The Webzine Weekly@ArtsManagement began publication, and KAMS established the Arts Management Academy.

  • 2009

    KAMS initiated the Survey on the Visual Arts Market.

  • 2010

    KAMS launched the KAMS Connection program and conducted the Korean Special program at the opening of WOMEX. Furthermore, the organization introduced TheApro, a web portal for international exchanges in the performing arts.

  • 2011

    KAMS was designated as a public institution by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and became a support institution for Social Enterprises in the arts and culture sector through government designation.

  • 2012

    TheArtro, an online platform for visual arts, was launched, and KAMS initiated the "Hallyu (Korean Wave) Academy."

  • 2013

    KAMS launched a program for nurturing professionals in international exchanges.

  • 2014

    KOPIS, an online system for collecting ticket sales data from theaters, began operation, and KAMS took charge of the secretariat office for the "Year of Korea-France 2015-2016."

  • 2015

    The Grant for Visual Artists' Market was launched, coinciding with the start of the Korea-France 2015-2016 initiative.

  • 2016

    The online system www.k-artmarket.kr, which provides Korean art data and information, opened. KAMS also began co-hosting the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) with Arts Council Korea (ACK), and initiated the K-Musical Roadshow project.

  • 2017

    KAMS hosted the Korea Gallery Weekend.

  • 2018

    KAMS hosted Korea Art Week, one of Korea's biggest visual arts programs for audiences.
    A law was passed that mandates the collection of ticket sales data from registered theaters, which is crucial for KOPIS to function properly and to enhance its effectiveness.

  • 2019

    KAMS organized a job fair for the arts community.

  • 2020

    We operated a counseling office to provide assistance for the members of the arts community affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 2021

    We launched “Art More”, a careers and jobs platform catering to the field of arts management.

  • 2022

    KAMS became an official member of the National Alliance for Musical Theater (NAMT) in the US.
    We started the Co-operation & Co-organized Performing Arts Project.