Visual Arts Support Project

Fund for Korean Art Abroad (FKAA)

Through FKAA, KAMS awards grants to international art institutions that organize exhibitions and projects outside Korea in which Korean artists are invited to participate.
By offering financial support to such institutions, KAMS provides opportunities for promising Korean artists to penetrate the international art market and strengthen their networks within the global art community.
Eligible Exhibitions
- Special and touring exhibitions for which international art organizations invite Korean artists to participate.
- Exhibitions for which international organizations invite Korean artists to participate through co-operation with Korean partners.
- Exhibitions featuring commissioned artworks by Korean artists and partners.
Eligible Applicants
- International art organizations – both commercial and nonprofit – that exhibit contemporary artworks by inviting Korean artists and/or collaborating with Korean partners are eligible to apply.
Allowed Expenses
- Artwork shipping fees, airfare, accommodation fees, video production fee, critique costs, English translation fees and expenses paid to the media.

Fund for Participation in International Art Fairs (PIAF)

PIAF expands opportunities to internationalize Korea’s art market by supporting participation in international art fairs held overseas. It also strengthens the impact of the global promotion of Korea’s contemporary art through the concentrated support of outstanding art fairs in each genre.
Eligible Applicants
- Korean galleries participating in art fairs held abroad.
Allowed Expenses
- Booth fees.
- Artwork transportation costs.
- Insurance fees for artworks.
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Utilization of Online Platforms Fund (UOP)

UOP aims to ensure the effective promotion and advertising of Korean art online in response to today’s increasing preference for contactless mediums and the expansion of the online art market. It provides support in two areas: the use of internationally-prominent online platforms and the creation of unloadable online content (e.g. videos, photos, VR). The fund offers an opportunity for Korean art galleries to consistently promote Korean art in domestic/overseas art markets and build sales channels in overseas art markets.
Eligible Applicants
- Korean galleries.
Allowed Expenses
- Online platforms registration and subscription fees.
- Online content creation costs.
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Publishing Korean Art (PKA)

The goal of PKA is to increase access to and raise awareness of Korean art among international experts and researchers by offering various grant programs in a number of languages, including a program for translating and publishing visual arts catalogs and materials.
Eligible Applicants
Korean and overseas authors, universities, research institutions, publishers, art museums, galleries, and artists.
Allowed Expenses
Expenses directly associated with the writing of manuscripts, translation and editing, and production costs (design and printing costs, fees for use of copyrighted images, etc.).
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KAMA Conference

The KAMA (KAMS Art Market & Appraisal) Conference is one of Korea’s foremost international art events. Each year, KAMA, with the aim of building a foundation for the expansion of the Korean art market, discusses and selects major keywords of the art market and invites experts from Korea and overseas.

Dive into Korean Art

Dive into Korean Art is a program that invites international art professionals to visit the studios of Korean artists, which come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. During the three-day program, selected artists introduce their new or in-progress works, explain themes and ideas central to their work, and show how they practice art in a private, intimate setting. KAMS hopes that Dive into Korean Art provides an opportunity to embrace the vividness of contemporary Korean art and experience the life of each artist.

Korean Artists Aboard

Korean Artists Aboard is designed to support selected Korean artists to be introduced globally and enter overseas markets. Each year, KAMS will select and promote a cohort of artists throughout the year. The project includes running the artist studio visit program ‘Dive into Korean Art’, co-publication with Art Asia Pacific, releasing articles including individual artist interviews in collaboration with global visual art platforms, and creating films about the artists’ inspiration and practice.

Korea Art Week

Korea Art Week is one of the largest domestic art events with 250 exhibition spaces including art museums, art galleries, art fairs, biennales, etc. There are various programs such as admission discounts, docent guides, exhibition-related experiences, creative workshops, and more. The most popular programs are the “Art Tour,” a guided tour with the exhibition planner and professional commentator; and the “Artists Art Market,” where you can purchase artwork by new artists at a reasonable price.

Survey on the Art Martket

Survey on the Art Market investigates major distribution areas in the Korean art market, such as galleries, auction houses, and art fairs, as well as infrastructure areas including art museums, architectural artworks, and art banks. It provides information on art transaction volumes and other relevant data in the Korean art market. The research findings are compiled into an annual publication and distributed to the public.

K-ARTMARKET collects and provides information on art auctions held in Korea and the auction results of artworks traded through Korean art auction houses. Using the collected data, it produces and distributes market analysis materials and also provides up-to-date trend information on the art market.

TheArtro is an English-language global platform providing information on Korean contemporary art. The platform provides information on the latest field discourse in Korean art, news updates, videos, artists, spaces, calendars, publications, chronologies, and more.
• Operation of an online portal for international exchanges and overseas promotion of Korean contemporary art.
• Co-operation and network-building with domestic and overseas media.