Organizational Support Project for Artistic Organizations and Start-ups

Art Management Academy

We provide arts practitioners, specifically arts managers, with training programs in art planning, promotion, marketing, investment, accounting, and labor management, for people on the art scene.

Start-up Support Program

The Start-up Support Program offers systematic support to enable diverse and creative art startups to emerge and thrive in the art industry. The program features an accelerator program specifically designed to cater to each stage of an art startup's growth. It encompasses educational and consulting services, mentoring, business funding, B2B meetings, and IR demo days.

Funding for Business Commercialization
- Customized funding support for business development and expansion
Mentoring and Consulting from Experts
- Cultivating Entrepreneurship
- Developing business models and validating the market
- Strengthening organizational management and business operation
Fundraising and Networking
- Opportunities for Investor relations (IR), crowdfunding and corporate partnerships

Going Global Support Program

KAMS' Going Global Support Program offers assistance to art startups aiming to enter the global market. KAMS provides comprehensive support in various areas to enhance the global competitiveness of these startups. This includes tailored consulting services according to their specific business stage, guidance in establishing global market entry strategies, financial support for entering foreign markets, assistance in participating in international trade shows, and facilitation of connections with foreign investors.

Arts Management Webzine

Korea's only arts management-specialized webzine deals with hot domestic and international art-related issues. Since its first edition on October 30, 2008, the webzine has attracted a diverse readership, ranging from domestic art managers and administrators to policy researchers, journalists and students. Providing arts management information and case studies from Korea and abroad, including culture and art policies and related academic data and contributions by experts, it identifies current trends in the world of art.