Arts Korea Lab

Arts Korea Lab

Arts Korea Lab (AKL), scheduled to open in October of 2023, seeks to support all stages of art activities from experimental creation and production (testbeds) based on foundational art including performing and visual arts, to demonstration and sales along with business development. AKL will provide education and networking space for emerging art industry professionals, offices and incubation space for art startups, a space for making prototypes and a space for experimental art creation and production as well as demonstration. It will become a hub in which artists, groups and businesses will be able to expand the scope of the art industry and create sustainable business models through experimental collaboration with other fields such as science and technology.

  • Mission

    Creative Hub for Advancing Arts Industry

  • Venue & Space

    Five floors of the Twin Tree Tower A, Gwanghwamun, Seoul, South Korea

    FAB labs, Offices, Co-working spaces
    Biz center (Legal, PR, Account, Tech consulting agencies)
    Academy (Lecture, Art ✕ Tech workshop, Archive room)
    Community area (networking, showroom)
    Art + Tech Lab(B1) Studios + equipment (Blackbox)
    (Multi studios, Motion capture studio, Media wall, Immersive Sound Design Studio, Projection Mapping etc.)


    Track 1 [Artists] Expansion of creation, production and promotion using Art ✕ Tech

    - Art ✕ Tech workshop, grant program for R&D (prototypes), creation, and production,
      Art ✕ Tech festival, international conferences, web-archive, etc.

    Track 2 [Art-based industry] Development of Sustainable Business Model

    - Grant program, Community of Practice (CoP) support, management support and consulting program