Welcome to KAMS,
the Korea Arts
Management Service.
Founded in 2006, KAMS concentrates on the provision of supports and services related to international exchange, and on the enhancement of the competitiveness of Korean performing and visual arts.

KAMS offers diverse research, consulting and educational programs for those in the field to boost the industrial competitiveness of the Korean arts.

For that purpose, KAMS forms various exchange strategies tailored for different regions, and helps tap into overseas markets through its network of international partners.

The global performing and visual arts community has lately faced various dramatic challenges from changing art policies, economic turmoil and changing relationships with audiences; and is trying to better survive the challenges.

The Korean community members hope to share with their global counterparts their challenges and their experiences through further exchange with them.

KAMS wishes to serve as a useful vehicle for that purpose, and to help Korean artists better share and exchange with global community members.