Visual Arts Support Project

K-ARTMARKET (Korea Art Market Information System) provides information on the prices of art works traded at art auction companies and real-time art auctions, exhibition of galleries and art fairs, as well as art market analysis reports in Korea.

Survey on the Visual Art Market

Survey on the Visual Art Market has published the ‘Report on the Art Market’ annually since 2009. It reports on the value and volume of sales by galleries, auction houses, art fairs and art museums. In addition, the report provides an analysis of various channels of distribution in the market.

Art Market Infrastructure Building Project

To improve sustainability of the Korean art market, we support training of art appraisal and authentication personnel, and research in related fields.
Training of Art Market Specialists (appraisal, authentication, and distribution personnel) : We support the systematic training of modern and contemporary art appraisal, authentication, and distribution personnel, fostering international expertise through partnerships with leading overseas educational institutions.
Supporting Research Relating to the Art Market : Establishing data for art appraisal and authentication through studies adopting scientific analysis into art appraisal and authentication and supporting research into establishing an art appraisal system suitable for the domestic environment.

Digital Archiving of Korean Artists

We are building a digital database of Korean modern and contemporary art by archiving and researching the works of Korean artists. In addition, we are endeavoring to support Korean artists’ overseas projects through the creation of a Korean art database.

Overseas training and research program participation by visual arts planning and mediating personnel to improve field expertise and expand international networks.

Open Subject Research : Supporting broad research on participant-designated subject matters relating to the arts market and mediating personnel.
ViA Projected Research : Supporting participation in research programs planned jointly by the Korea Arts Management Service and its overseas partner organizations.

Publishing Korean Art

In efforts to promote Korean arts on the global stage and enhance international discourse on Korean art, we support the publication and distribution of Korean art.

Multilingual(English, Chinese, Japanese) Glossary on Korean Art

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For translators and writers, we have established foreign language orthography guidelines for key Korean art terms and also provide preferred translations. Foreign language explanations of key terms are provided, alongside translations of names of personalities, associations, and organizations.

TheArtro is an English-language global platform providing information on Korean contemporary art. The platform provides information on the latest field discourse in Korean art, news updates, videos, artists, spaces, calendars, publications, chronologies, and more.
• Operation of an online portal for international exchanges and overseas promotion of Korean contemporary art.
• Cooperation and network-building with domestic and overseas media.

Korea Art Week

Presented under the theme “Art in Everyday Life”, it is one of the largest nationwide art events in Korea. A wide range of art exhibitors, including biennales, art fairs, and about 200 museums and cultural spaces, participate and provide diverse programs for visitors to experience art in their everyday lives.

Grant for Participation in International Art Fairs(PIAF)

Expand opportunities to internationalize Korea’s art market through support for participation in international art fairs held overseas.Strengthen the impact of the global promotion of Korea’s contemporary art through concentrated support on outstanding art fairs in each sphere.
Eligible Applicants : Korean galleries participating in art fairs held abroad.
Allowed Expenses : Booth fees, artwork transportation costs, insurance fees for artwork.

Fund for Korean Art Abroad (FKAA)

Provide opportunities for promising Korean artists to penetrate the international art market through financial support for exhibitions held abroad by international art organizations.
Eligible Applicants : International art organizations –both commercial and nonprofit– that exhibit contemporary artworks by inviting Korean artists and/or collaborating with Korean partners are eligible to apply.
Eligible Exhibitions
① Exhibitions where international organizations invite Korean artists.
② Exhibitions featuring Korean artists curated by, or collaborating with, Korean partners.
③ Exhibitions featuring commissioned artworks in collaboration with Korean artists or Korean partners.

Grant for Visual Artists’ Market (VAM)

Support for the establishment of small to medium-sized “artists’ markets” to allow artists who face difficulties entering the art market to directly promote and sell their artwork to visitors.
- Strengthen networking with art experts, including museum curators, gallerists, and collectors, etc., to allow participating artists the opportunity to penetrate the art market.
- Provide opportunities for the public to collect artwork.

Grant for Art Rental and Exhibitions

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- Support art rental and exhibition-related costs of emerging artists to allow them opportunities to penetrate the art market.
- Expand opportunities for the public to both appreciate and collect artworks by encouraging art organizations to rent artworks and host exhibitions in public spaces.

Grant for Artist Management

- Support both galleries and artists with funding to develop their partnerships based on an artist management agreement.
- Provide sustainable conditions for promising artists to establish their career in cooperation with galleries that link them to the art market.