Organizational Support Project for Artistic Organizations

Arts Management Academy

We provide arts practitioners, specifically arts managers with training programs in art planning, promotion, marketing, investment, accounting, and labor management, for people on the art scene.

Start-up Support Program

The Start-up Support program holds arts hackathons to support the development of idea commercialization and to support the funding of entrepreneurship in arts.

Employment Support Program

The Employment Support Program operates career consulting programs and job fairs in the arts industry.

Arts Company Business Development Support Project

The Arts Company Business Development Support Project supports the distribution and service of artwork, as well as the development and expansion of markets for arts companies.

Support Merchandising and Distribution in the Arts Sector

The art# project supports the development, promotion and marketing of test products in an attempt to transform art content into a variety of art products. For art groups, it provides opportunities to diversify their revenue sources by raising the added value of art.

Investment and Funding Support Project

By holding a start-up pitching event and supporting investment-based crowdfunding, the Investment and Funding Support Project aims to create an environment that can promote investment in the arts sector.

Support for the Management of Professional Arts Companies

In order to support professional art companies, we conduct analysis of the performance of art organizations and search for best practices in management.

Social Economy in(for) the Arts and Culture

Social Economy in (for) the Arts and Culture is a project for the sustainable development of the social economy in arts and culture. It provides arts management, social biz consulting and CSR IR (investor relations). It supports social enterprise by offering its customized service from company building, through incubating to accelerating. And it carries out surveys on social economy companies in arts and culture, as well as research on the social impacts on arts.

Webzine Arts Management

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Korea's only arts management-specialized webzine deals with hot domestic and international art-related issues. Since its first edition on October 30, 2008, the webzine has attracted a diverse readership, ranging from domestic art managers and administrators to policy researchers, journalists and students. Providing arts management information and case studies from Korea and abroad, including culture and art policies and related academic data and contributions by experts, it identifies current trends in the world of art.