Performing Arts Support Project

KOPIS (Korea Performing Arts Box Office Information System) collects and analyzes the data of ticket sales to provide an analysis of consumption in Korea’s performing arts scene, including providing information about theatres and productions to the public.KOPIS also supports building a foundation for the growth of the performing arts industry by offering various statistics.

Survey on the Performing Arts

The Survey on the operation and status of the performing arts market, has been conducted every year since 2007 as an official statistic (Approval No.11315), which is authorized by Statistics Korea (KOSTAT). Performance facilities such as venues, organizations, and agencies are surveyed nationwide. It is conducted on the basis of the previous year, basic status of facilities and organizations, operation status, financial status, scale survey and operation status of performance halls, and domestic and foreign performance results.

The Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) is an international platform for performing arts professionals, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The Korea Arts Management Service has hosted it every October. The primary objectives of PAMS are to invigorate Korean performances’ distribution and exportation based on diverse and active creation and production. PAMS’ diverse programs (i.e. PAMS Choice, showcases, booth exhibitions promoting troupes and their works, information sessions and networking programs) enable international performing arts professionals to share trends and information regarding global performing arts, to communicate with each other and to seek the distribution of performances.

Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) is one of Korea’s most prestigious and interesting contemporary performing arts festivals, featuring works from both local and international artists in all genres including theatre, dance and multi-genre art. SPAF hosts outstanding directors, artists and theatre experts from all around the world. Being one of the leading performing arts festivals in Asia, it raises great interest from spectators and the media, and it is recognized by artists as an event that shapes and defines international standards in contemporary performing arts.

KAMS Connection

KAMS Connection is a research program that encourages international communications and co-operations among professionals in the performing arts field. Co-organized by KAMS and its global partners, the program provides participants with opportunities to visit corresponding countries, accumulate market knowledge and find possibilities for potential collaborations. To induce constructive exchanges and creative collaborations, KAMS Connection offers participants stepwise supports from the early research to the following project development, which are based on reciprocal co-operations with KAMS and its partners.

Center Stage Korea

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Center Stage Korea (CSK), initiated and organized by KAMS, is a partnership program with international presenters. In cooperation with festivals, venues and networks, CSK introduces Korea’s diverse performances to audiences around the world, thus strengthening cultural enrichment, mutual understanding and exchange in the field of arts. The CSK’s grant will cover part of the international airfare and freight cost of invited Korean performing artists/groups and the subsidies go directly to the Korean artists/groups. The application deadline for CSK will be at the end of November every year.

Center Stage Korea _ Korean Focused : This is a program for cooperating with major theaters and festivals abroad and introducing Korean performing arts productions as special programs featuring two or more Korean artists/groups or Korean group(s) in an opening or closing performance.

Center Stage Korea _ Touring : This is for one or more Korean performing artists/groups planning to tour with two or more partner organizations at several festivals/venues.

Promoting Participation of Art Markets Overseas

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The Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) is carrying out projects to support participation in performing arts market abroad in order to expand promotion opportunities and develop overseas markets for Korean promoters and performing artists/groups.

Promoters can be supported :
- To participate in major overseas performing arts markets or international meetings for the promotion of their works.
- For in-depth research of overseas markets.

Performing artists/groups can be supported :
- Showcase participation when the showcase has been confirmed at international performing arts markets/festivals/etc.

K-Musical Road Show

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K-Musical Road Show is an initiative for exchange and cooperation between Korean and Chinese musicals. We hope it will help create opportunities for more Korean musicals to enter the Chinese market, as well as more Chinese musicals to enter the Korean market.
K-Musical Road Show consists of a showcase of Korean Musicals, the Korea-China Musical Forum and networking programs.Through K-Musical Road Show, KAMS hopes that both Korea and China can share ideas and information for closer co-operation.

Journey to Korean Music

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Journey to Korean Music is a program that introduces the music and culture of Korea to world music experts from around the globe and provides support for traditional Korean bands seeking to take their music abroad. Through Journey to Korean Music, overseas experts can gain an understanding of both Korean culture and music while Korean bands can access opportunities for promotion and take steps to advance into the international market. Over 140 international world music experts, including directors and journalists, have visited Korea to take part in this program over the years.
Journey to Korean Music offers a rich experience of Korean music in all of its diversity, from traditional Korean arts in their original forms to Korean music reshaped using modern language.